aasnaa - The Good Life

We work with an ecosystem of farmers and micro food-processing units to create healthful food and beverage options for you while also providing sustainable livelihoods to rural communities. Aasnaa is an ever-growing family of farmers, food scientists, factories and healthful foodies like you. Committed to the philosophy that “nature knows best”, Aasnaa has developed a supply chain solution that ensures minimal processing. Ingredients procured in season are processed locally in micro food-processing units; modern food science is applied to ensure long shelf life and the minimal use of preservatives.
Aasnaa’s offers an ever-growing range of food and beverage products designed to bring us closer to the Good Life

Vast Range Of Products

It all begins with our ingredients. Not for us the material procured in bulk from nameless, faceless middlemen. We source from the source. Face to face, after learning everything there is to learn about who we buy it from. Whether it is the villager who goes into unspoilt wilds to harvest the fruits, berries, roots and herbs that provide our products their goodness, purity and potency, or the individual farmers we have long, deep relationships with, who grow our cultivated ingredients like aloe vera and sugarcane. After the sourcing, the science takes over. The state-of-the-art equipment, the committed workforce who are one extended family, and the deep knowledge and experience we have in fields ranging from Ayurveda to food science to biochemistry, turn the natural treasure trove we gather onto products that meet every national and International standard.

Our Guiding Belief

We believe that each and every one of us is born healthy. Wellness is not something we need to chase – we need to simply look inward and liberate the body’s wonderful potential to become the strong, healthy, finely tuned natural machine it is meant to be.
Aasnaa is not only uniquely equipped to benefit from the growing popularity of Indian medical science, including Ayurveda, it is also leads the way to wider acceptance, being certified by many International bodies as well supplying a range of health and wellness products to several household names in global retail