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About Unati

In today's fast paced world all the people are very much busy in their day to day activities. Due to all these the people don't grab the attention towards their health which leads to several diseases. Keeping the modern trendy life in consideration the young and dynamic, innovative entrepreneur brains Crafted the Unati Co-op. Marketing-cum-Processing Society Ltd. The company with a strength of more than 400 members with a core handling team. The main moto behind the creation of Unati is to rejuvenate the human life. All the product in the bucket of Unati are created by the fusion of science, culture and nature. For getting the best raw material the team Unati is Established in leap of Himalayas to get virgin raw water, free from any chemical or pesticide residues is available. We are having all the necessary certification such as ISO 22000:2005, HALAL and organic certificates (as per the standards of India Organic, EU and USFDA) and many more. There are several initiative by Unati some of them are Gur Initiative , Unati Swachh School Abhiyaan, Unati Bamboo mission and the Unati Skill Development Programe.

Highly Skilled Team

The highly skilled team expert in Biotechnology, Food Sciences, Sociology, Agronomy, Soil Sciences by their hard work created the best fusion of Modern technological process in the processing of the Unati's product with high nutritional index. The Unati did a lot of research in the field of Ayurveda, the magnificent and miraculous system of medicine with 5000 year old historical roots in the Indian subcontinent and by their intensive workout they created hundreds of product with all to possible nutrition to maintain the dietary requirements of the people's. The Unati’s goals are very high while providing the best products the team unati also focus on the sustainable utilization of agriculture and natural bio resources of the lower Himalaya for the empowerment of the rural communities. The highly skilled team of Unati get a kick start with the collaboration with “Punjab State Council for Science and Technology” (Punjab Government Undertaking) under a project sanctioned by Department of Biotechnology, Govt of India to increase the awareness among the people about the resources present and give them opportunity to earn a better livelihood.

Vast Range Of Products

The product catalog of Unati has a vast range of product under certain categories such as Natural Health Boosters, Natural Taste boosters, Natural Sweets and Condiments, Organic Products and all the product listed inside these categories are perfect fusioned for you to get the necessary nutritional value by natural products. Some of the mind striking and mouth watering products of Unati are Chatpata Amla Candy, Chocolate Jaggery, Ginger sweet Apple Burfi, Amla Burfi, Mango Burfi, product has great taste with high nutritional index as well. The Unati's great fusion of taste and nutrition delivers the remarkable product to the customers, from young to old all love the products of Unati.


The Unati's mission is to serve the mankind by providing them best in class natural product from the Best region of the Country to give all the necessary supplement to your body to work better. The unati delivers best in class design , develop and deliver the bestest. The Unati designed its program on the sustainable model centred on supporting the social component of program. There are numbers of social program run by Unati to help the community. The Unati main focus is to research and bring the old ayurvedic techniques to bring the best natural nutritional supplement. The unati is established with broad vision with multiple objective to reach more number of people along with strengthning the social component of the program. Lets create a healthy India with Unati.

They work Relentlessly

Our Pillars

Mrs. Rajni Sharma

Being a home maker for 20 years and nurturing a joint family, gave me experience of challenges that every female face in her life. In Unati, I am happy to share that our women empowerment program has created a great impact on unprivileged women/ female and provided a hope of better future.

Mr. Swami Kamal
Vice President

In todays world people are too busy in their lives that somewhere they are lacking touch with nature and spirituality. Before being a part of Unati, I was working for the betterment of society on a very small scale. But I always knew that we are the poor sitting on a gold mine and this area is having great potential for growth. In Unati, I have mentored these young minds to approach a holistic growth for the society.

Mr. Jyoti Saroop
General Manager

For big innovations you don’t require big ideas, but accumulations of small ideas can lead to great innovations. This was the mindset behind creation of Unati, it is a conception of scientist friends in hostel to utilize the resources from mother nature to fulfil the sole purpose of livelihood generation for themselves and the communities they belong to.

Mr. Sunil Dutt Dogra
G.M. Marketing

In 2007, while joining Unati I never thought it would give me such a satisfaction professionally as well personally. In Unati I realized how a product made with love and care can do wonders for its users, In Unati, I have worked with many companies for private labelling, MLM and many more but one thing they always share with me is Unati gave them a positive feeling whenever they visit our manufacturing unit or interact any of us. Simplicity of Unati is the key of its higher success.